Improve your photography with the help of our experts

Would you like to know how you can improve your photography? Then our Better Moments experts have you covered! Our experienced workshop leaders will review your portfolio during a one-to-one Skype call. You will receive valuable feedback and learn about their personal tips and tricks so that you can do better in the future.

DURATION: 40 minutes
PRICE: €245.-



Wildlife photography at its best

If you are into wildlife photography and want to know how your photos can get the little extra, Laurent Baheux is your guy! Get constructive feedback and useful tips from one of the most experienced wildlife photographers out there.

Laurent Baheux is an award-winning French wildlife photographer who is famous for his black and white images of African wildlife.



Feedback from a National Geographic photo editor

Would you like to know how to get that little extra out of your shots? Then who could give better advice than a National Geographic photo editor-in-chief: Arne Hodalič will review your images and provide tips and tricks to improve your photography in order to make sure you will return home with better images in the future.

Arne Hodalič is currently the photo editor of National Geographic Magazine (Slovene edition) and a Nikon ambassador.
Watch Arne’s webinar about traveling with flash equipment here: past Better Moments webinars.



Feedback from a National Geographic photographer

Working for National Geographic is a dream for many photographers – Better Moments expert Sisse Brimberg has been living this dream for years. Benefit from her experience and book your personal image review today!

Sisse Brimberg is a highly experienced photographer who has photographed over fifty stories for National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Traveler ranging from the far corners of Japan’s paper industry to northern Europe’s Viking culture.

Watch Sisse’s webinar about her life with National Geographic here: past Better Moments webinars.