Our PhotoWalks guides are professional photographers that will ensure that you have a memorable experience and take home beautiful photos. They will not only provide assistance with camera settings and composition or take you to the places with the best light, but they will also give you insights in your local area beyond the ordinary tourist sites and they may even have a few fun facts up their sleeve.


Peter’s first camera was a small AGFA Optima 500 Sensor, which laid the foundation for his later career – fast forward to today, Peter is a professional photographer and experienced photo workshop leader. On-location portraits are one of his favorite areas of photography, as he prefers to use natural light on locations like rooftops, parks or dilapidated factory buildings, instead of having an impersonal studio session. Moreover, Peter enjoys the wide variety of Berlin’s architecture and likes to take on the challenge of finding the beautiful side of seemingly boring buildings.
Peter can often be found in the neighborhood of Friedrichshain or around Potsdamer Platz where he takes photos of the ever-changing street art.
One of the things Peter emphazises on his tours is to teach you how to ‘explain’ to the camera everything about your vision, so that it then can create the appropriate photographic image, “Once you understand how a camera’s light meter works, how shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focal length play together, there will be no (or at least less) difficulty in photographing creatively.”, he says.


Hi! My name is Marvin (@marvingirbig) and I’m a Berlin based documentary photographer. I love to capture genuine and candid moments. Observing and telling stories is what drives me most. That crosses all the genres I’m dealing with, wether it is event photography, family reportage or even portraits. But for the most parts and where it all originated it’s the street photography. Documenting the life, the city, the people and vibes is what brought me to where I’m now photographically. As a real “born and raised” Berliner I know my city pretty well. Over the last years I lived in different districts and every time it almost felt like another city. This variety, the people, the architecture and history makes it a perfect stage for awesome pictures. Therefore I’m happy to be a part of Better Moments PhotoWalks in Berlin.


Born and raised in the French capital, he is well acquainted with the city and will show you where to find the best light and the perfect angle.
Jean-Sébastien describes himself as an unstoppable world traveler, a passion that helped him to develop his curiosity for people, places and the image itself. Witnessing so many of the world’s wonders has opened his eyes to the true beauty of Paris, the city he loves to the core. As a dedicated photography instructor, Jean-Sébastien wants to share his views of the city with those just discovering it and helping them to find their own unique way to capturing it.
“I don’t intend to stop taking photos until I’m too weak to hold my camera, if that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me well.”


My name is Blas Muñoz and I’m photographer in Paris. After 13 years in the advertising industry, I decided to quit my job and leave everything behind in order to follow my dreams. It was worth the risk – I have made my passion my profession and now work as a professional photographer. Moving to Paris was easy as I consider it to be the most beautiful city in the world where you can take some of the most beautiful photos. I do enjoy living here and I want you to experience the same.


For the past 5 years, Iordan has been a working as travel, landscape and wildlife photographer based in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. He first dabbled in photography at the age of 13, starting with an old Zenit film camera. Several years later his interest in wildlife, and in particular birds, led him to his first digital camera, and this is when the adventure began in earnest. For the past 10 years, Iordan has been traveling extensively, mainly throughout Europe, guiding photographers, participating in bird surveys and continuing to explore nature. Urban life with its architecture, hidden streets and details are in the focus of Iordan’s camera from the past few years.
Iordan is the author of the SNAPP Guide to photographing Bulgaria and has received a number of awards in regional landscape and wildlife photography contests. Additionally he plans trips and guides groups in his home country.


Chelsea, a native New Yorker, is a documentary travel photographer currently living and working in Prague. After travelling full time for years,Chelsea decided to take a break from the road, and settled in the charming capital city of the Czech Republic, where she lives with her husband and cat in an apartment with nice, big windows, perfect forsunset spotting.

In her photographic work, Chelsea aims to lend expression to the atmosphere of a moment, focussing particularly closely on color and composition.


I am Adriana, I started my photographic journey when I was 22 years old and bought my first mirror camera basically overnight as I though this was something I have to own and use very often. At first photography was just my hobby, later on I became fully professional as I figured this is something I want to do all the time. I am passionate about photographing people and interesting views and landscapes and this is also what pays my bills for the last 10 years. 

As a person I believe I am friendly and easygoing, I like yoga, good book and nice red wine. 


Being a designer and artist by trade it was easy to enter photography professionally when it all became high quality digital. I do loads of composites so mastering the light and angle is quite importent. I love Copenhagen both the new architecture and especially the old parts of the city. I continueslly explores alternate views and backyards. Also in a desperate attempt to find new snack places.
I also have a historical interest. So, this spring I’m colouring an ancient elevated map of Copenhagen from 1761. I love Photoshop! I now realize how the defence of Copenhagen crammed the city then. And why the lakes in the parks are oddly shaped.


Here’s a little fun fact about Jakob: his career as a photographer started by intimidating the Chief Editor of a motor sport magazine, telling him that there were mistakes in a text about a specific motorcycle. Before he knew, he was hired as a photographer. He is recognized for his work within the international motorsport world and has traveled the world with MotoGP circuits from racetrack to racetrack. Who knows, you may have seen some of his work that has been published in national- and international media.
In the past 10 years, Jakob has been working with Fine Art photography and long exposures within the city landscape of European cities. Doing exhibitions, selling his Fine Art photos and teaching photography is what keeps him busy these days


Anders is a professional commercial photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark with a career spanding more than 25 years. Alongside his photography business and numerous creative projects, internationally as well as domestically , he has also worked in various postions for the renowned camera manufacturer, Hasselblad, such as Client Relations Manager and Product Manager.