For almost 10 years, passionate photo enthusiasts from around globe have been traveling with us. With a great talent and passion for photography, they have captured special and unique moments from from around the world. This gallery is a respectful celebration of their iconic images.


Sarah Alsayegh, was awarded Photographer of the Month, May 2015, with one of her photos taken on the Iceland workshop. 

Below is a selection of her best work.

Find more about her at: https://www.salsayegh.com/


L-P Andersson participated in the Tanzania Workshop 2013. 

Below is a selection of his best work.


Ross Brown participated in the Iceland and Arctic Circle workshops. Below is a selection of his best work. Ross Brown was awarded Photographer of the Month, November 2016.  

“Over the past few years I have been privileged to travel and explore the coast and mountains of Iceland and also further afield above the Arctic Circle in Sweden and Greenland. I have traveled with Better Moments on all these trips and each has been really well organized and have been definite highlights in my photographic journey. I have experienced the thrills of aerial photography over the Landmannalaugar mountains in Iceland with fantastic light conditions, and enjoyed sailing amongst giant Icebergs in Disko Bay. Better Moments has enabled me to visit locations I would have never dreamed of visiting by myself. Hans Strand has been an excellent workshop leader with a great sense of humour, ” says Ross. 

He continues, “These remote, wild landscapes have been the inspiration for a recent exhibition “Nature’s Elements” where I explored the interplay between the elements of water, rock, and flora. Some photographs depicted vast perspectives of the landscape, and included aerial photography of meandering river deltas, whilst others focused on more intimate geological details.” 

Ross lives in Northern England and his passion for photography grew out of a love of exploring the hills, moors and dales of the Lake District, Yorkshire and Scotland. He spent a number of years using a large format camera learning the importance of a meticulous workflow and balanced composition. Recently he has embraced the benefits of a digital workflow. 

“For the majority of images it takes significant time and patience for the final image to be composed. Repeat visits can be necessary in order to become acquainted with the visual possibilities, and to realize the optimal light, tidal or wind conditions.”  In terms of his work as a whole, he finds there are three key elements: the color and tones of autumnal flora, the flow and passage of water, and the detailed patterns in mountain and coastal geology. “I hope my images represent the sense of calmness and wonder which I have experienced and will provide inspiration to explore these remote landscapes.” 

Visit Ross at: 




Jishnu Changkakoti born in India.

“It was a great experience to go on the Bhutan photo expedition with Better Moments. The entire trip was very well organized. The expert – Sisse Brimberg – were fantastic. Since it was a small group, she was able to give individual attention to all the participants. The evening sessions conducted by Sisse were very valuable, and helped us all learn a lot about photography. Overall it was a great trip, which definitely helped me become a better photographer.”

Jishnu Changkakoti born in India, is a great photographer Better Moments had the opportunity to work and travel with in Bhutan. Jishnu has been awarded with two international photography awards: A Bronze Award at the Px3 2013 Awards, and a 2nd Place – Merit of Excellence Award at the 2012 Spider Black and White Awards.  Jishnu writes about himself and his photography: “I am an ardent photographer with a passion for travel and people photography. Having grown up in a small, beautiful hill town in the eastern part of India, nature has always been both an inspiration and a source of solace for me. Through my photography, I strive to capture the beauty that I see in nature, and share it with other people. I also enjoy capturing the various moods of people that I meet during my travels.”  

The photographer is very satisfied with his experience of traveling and working with Better Moments and states: “It was a great experience to go on the Bhutan photo expedition with Better Moments. The entire trip was very well organized. The teachers – Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg – were fantastic. Since it was a small group, they were able to give individual attention to all the participants. The evening sessions conducted by Cotton and Sisse were very valuable, and helped us all learn a lot about photography. Overall it was a great trip, which definitely helped me become a better photographer.”

Find more about him at: https://500px.com/jishnu


Antonia Cheung joined the Better Moments workshop to Nepal and Tibet in November, 2018, lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard.

Below is a selection of her best work.


Tommaso Colobino is from Italy and participated in the Greenland and Faroe Island workshops. Below is a selection of his best work.


Faroe Islands


W. David Connell, from Phoenix, Arizona, participated in our Iceland 2017 workshop. Below is a selection of his work from the trip. 

“I began dabbling in photography in high school (including the darkroom) but then took a hiatus until the 1980’s when I re-engaged through motor sports photography.  The great landscapes in Arizona eventually moved me towards landscape photography. In addition to a trusty 35mm SLR, I began using a circa 1968 Hasselblad 500C and concentrated mostly on black and white images. Over the last few years I have just begun to engage with digital photography. The workshop exceeded my wildest expectations, especially the photography that we were able to do from the helicopter.”


Brian Cruickshank, USA,  participated in the Ethiopia 2016 workshop. Brian Cruickshank was awarded Photographer of the Month, August 2016. 

Brian has been a life-long world traveler, and photography is a way for him to experience other cultures and share experiences with friends and family. He especially loves making environmental portraits.

“The Ethiopia workshop was a wonderful way to hone my craft with a portrait master like Steve McCurry. It was also wonderful to spend time to other photographers who share my passion for making art through travel.”  

Visit Brian at: www.briancruickshank.com

Below is a selection of the his best work.


Achim Dittrich participated in the Greenland – Into the Ice Cap 2017 workshop. 

Here he explains how he developed his passion for photography:  “I have a passion for nature since I was little. During my university time in 1986, I did a hike in the Sarek national park which was an exceptional place and the view from the top of the Skjerfe over the Rapadalen is something I always remember. It was also there where photography fascinated me and I pursued it as a hobby from there on. Later my job as a project manager left me little time and I also wanted to wait until digital photography had matured so it took until 2011 when I started with photography again and ever since then I am doing it very passionately.  Most of the images which I sent can also be found on my web site (http://www.achimdittrich.com).”  

About the Greenland trip, Achim says:  “The workshop on Greenland was indeed exceptional. The rock from where you overlook the icefjord is simply a magic place in the arctic light at night.” 

Below is a selection of his best work.


Peter Dorr participated in the Ethiopia Workshop 2017, the Silk Road Workshop 2017 and the India Workshop 2014. Peter Dorr won the Photographer of the Year 2017 – Silver Award for his ethereal interpretation of the Jiayuguan Fortress in China, taken on the Silk Road Workshop 2017. See examples of his work below. See the India film with Peter here

Peter is a 55 year old passionated photographer from the Netherlands. Fueled by a wide range of interests, he shoots travel and journalism series with the same passion as when working on some very interesting studio techniques including high speed photography. His fashion and modeling series include dust, dancing, sports and even underwater photography. During a six month trip around the world he shot over 10.000 images, many of which are still used as travel stock images. Peter uses both Hasselblad digital and film cameras as well as Canon 1DX.  

See more of his work at www.fotoclubsoest.nl/



Silk road


John Eaton participated in Better Moments’ Silk Road 2017 Workshop. 

He was born in Kent, England, during the war. After an academic career at The London Business School, he joined HP and eventually moved to Silicon Valley in California. Now retired, he lives on the coast in Santa Cruz.  “I had visited China several times previously and venturing along the Silk Road was high on my ‘bucket list’,” he says. “This turned out to be a ‘great adventure’ – one of the literal high-spots was being (temporarily!) detained by Chinese border guards on the China/Pakistan border, 15,400 feet up on the Karakoram Highway! Other highs were the dramatic fort at Jiayuguan; the beautiful dunes at the Dunhuang oasis; the Tajik people and their game of Buzkashi and the wedding; and, perhaps above all, the fascinating street life and people of Kashgar. All in all, an exhilarating, memorable adventure with a great group of people!!” 

Enjoy a selection of his work below.


Mats Elerud is native to Sweden and has been born into photography through his parents’ profession. For Mats, though, photography has primarily been an advanced hobby for most of his life. He has, however, spent one year with “The Photography School of the Swedish Army” and has also done apprentice work during summer breaks with a German photographer in Starnberg close to Munich.  Mats has the following statement about Better Moments: “Arrangements offered by Better Moments will bring you to interesting locations off the beaten tracks in the company of great photographers. I highly appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and professional approach by Hans Strand. Definitively a Master Photographer.”


Jan Erik Fallberg, from Sweden, participated in the Svalbard 2014 workshop. 

His interest are landscape and wildlife. He uses Canon EOS7D, Canon 18-200 and Tamron 150-600, when photographing. Professionally, Jan is CEO at CAD Byrån, a leading company in Sweden working with computer-aided design.  Below is a selection of his best work from Svalbard.


Caroline Fraser from UK participated in the Abisko   workshop.

Below is a selection of her best work. 

Caroline Fraser was awarded Better Moments Photographer of the Month, April, 2016. 

“Somehow, Caroline Fraser brings you closer to reality than you might have thought possible. The abstract work – and sometimes clear, unedited shots – she conjures makes you both smile and linger between thoughts and emotions, like the flow of ebb.
The physics of sight is complicated. Putting it simply, what we actually experience and perceive is not what we – our brain – actually see and absorbs. It’s in the collaboration between experience, logic, sights and sense that images, ideas and worlds come together. In the end, it all depends on our own brains and minds to create the world around us. In Caroline‘s work, with fractions, focus blurred, palimpsestic layers and paradoxical patterns, you get a glimpse of reality in action. The gap between what is and what you experience reality to be. It’s with great honor to award Caroline Fraser, Better Moments’ Photographer of the Month, April, 2016.” Better Moments


She gained the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2011 with abstract images of sand and water from Harris in the Outer Hebrides. In 2011 she studied for a postgraduate certificate in photography at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London.  

“My work is a means to express the fragility and transience of life; a very personal response to recovery from serious illness in 2004.  I work predominantly in wild open places such as the highlands of Scotland, Iceland and around Camber Sands and Dungeness. Using multiple exposure and in-camera movement alongside conventional techniques I express the moods and emotions that I experience in the outside world.” – Caroline Fraser 
Visit her website at: www.carolinefraser.org


Mats Fors participated in the Abisko workshop (.a.k.a. Sweden: Indian Summer at the Polar Circle) in 2015. 

He bought his first camera when he was 15 and since 1980 he has worked with Nikon cameras, from 2006 in digital mode. Landscape photography is the foundation for his shots, but he also likes to capture people, buildings and urban environments. About the Abisko workshop, Mats says:  “It was a very inspiring workshop with Hans Strand. I have been on my own in Abisko before, but this time I realized new ways to look at the landscape and the nature – guided by Hans.”


Sasha Gentsis was awarded Photographer of the Month in March 2015  

Sasha Gentsis is a frequent participant on Better Moments Workshops with two times to Iceland, Sweden three times and once each to Svalbard and Greenland. In 2015 he is bringing his son the his all time favorite, Iceland. 

The work of Sasha Gentsis vibrates of life between the abstract and concrete, contrasting time, nature and human construction. He first became known to the general public a decade ago with his large format panorama landscape photography, which is also the base of his project “Duets”.  

“When you run forward, you see only what lies in the future. Sometimes you stop, look back and remember the past. When you manage to put the two side by side – past and future – suddenly, like a revelation, you feel the inspiration. Everything is here – the past and the future. And all this time is yours.”


Jeff Grant, Australia, was awarded Photographer of the Year 2015 Gold and Photographer of the Month, August 2015.  

“I’m delighted to have been voted Better-Moments Photographer of the Year. It’s a wonderful surprise. Better-Moments took me to outstandingly photogenic locations, particularly from the air. The images that I took over the river deltas of Iceland remain my favourite images from many years of photography. That flight presented me with the opportunity to bring together years of practice in an intense 45 minutes” – Jeff Grant.  

Jeff Grant participated in the Iceland 2011 and 2013 workshop. He is a Sydney, Australia based photographer with an eye for intuitive compositions and patience for the “special moments when true beauty of a location appears briefly”. His work is truly captivating, not being afraid of trying something new and experimenting with different styles ranging from a great collection of black and whites, flowers, triptychs, his home landscapes and aerials of Iceland.

About him self, Jeff writes: “Living close to the sea, seascapes are my most common subject. but I spend a lot of time in the Snowy Mountains so they are regular features. I have also taken many flower shots over the years, some of which are shown here.” 

Many of the images on were taken with Hasselblad film and digital cameras. I now use a Nikon with Zeiss and adapted Leica lenses, and an Olympus EM 1. Time has caught up with me and the Hasselblad was just too heavy. Many of my images end up square. Years of shooting with film Hasselblads has left me very comfortable seeing compositions in squares. Equipment is always secondary, but I believe that I have the the best tools for my photography. 

I hope that you enjoy the galleries. Any and all feedback is welcome. I constantly strive to improve my rendering of the world around me.

Visit Jeff´ website: www.jeff-grant.com  


Mats Grimfoot was awarded Photographer Of The Month, October 2015. 

Mats Grimfoot,who participated in the Svalbard 2014 workshop, is a biologist and ecologist with an education in nature photography led by Andy Horner. He is very active in his local photography community, having earned many awards as well as some Honorary Mentions in international organizations like FIAP, UPI and the Norwegian magazine Natur & Foto. 

Mats has a great sense for story telling. And humor. Look at his images and experience how they suddenly talk to you. Try for example to connect these titles provided by Mats himself: “I don’t want to, the water is freezing!”, “Crash course for youngsters: How to fold your wings”, “Oh no, not another photographer…” and “Lack of photographers to eat”.  

Visit his website www.grimfoot.se to see more.


Laurent Guigue from Lambersart, France, participated in our Iceland and Scotland workshops 2017. Below is a selection of his work. 

“The helicopter tour over Iceland was fantastic and is really a “must do” for any photographer. It’s always rewarding to realize that you are in the right place at the right moment and that you are lucky enough to watch something really special, an amazing landscape with amazing colours for example. Among these images, I like “Djupalonssandur beach” [top image], it was quite challenging to take a good picture in such bad weather conditions. It was raining, windy, there was sea spray and waves coming from everywhere, even from behind : actually the “best place” to put the tripod was a very small area surrounded by the sea, almost impossible to keep the feet dry. But I knew that this place was a good one. Anyway, we have to suffer a little to get the shot we want!” 




John Gunn participated in the workshops India 2014, Burma 2015 and Indochina (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos) 2016. Below is selection of his best work from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos 2016 and India 2014.


Thor-Aksel Hagen from Norway travelled with Better Moments in 2012 to Finland. 

Thor-Aksel has been photographing for almost 50 years and when he was introduced to digital photography he spent more and more time with his camera. He particularly enjoys taking pictures of birds and other animals. 

Thor-Aksel participated at the Finland workshop with his wife, where they shot amazing photos of wolves and bears and learned from master photographer Staffan Widstran.



Adeline Heiderscheid from Switzerland participated in the Svalbard 2015 workshop. Adeline was awarded Photographer of the Month, October 2016. Below is a selection of her best work.



Mette Marianne Henriksen participated in the Bhutan Workshop 2012. Below is a selection of her best work from Bhutan.


Franz Josef Hering from germany participated in Iceland.

Below is a selection of his best work.


Unni Hjellnes participated in the Bhutan 2012 workshop, Tanzania 2013 and Burma 2015. Below is a selection of her best work. 

Read the featured newsletter about Unni in Focus November 2015.  

Follow her project in Uganda at www.childrenofrwenzori.com


Jagoda Høst is a Norwegian and has her own company. Four years ago she traveled to India. But she found it difficult, as a woman, to travel on her own, so when the opportunity to travel with Better Moments and National Geographic Nordic appeared, she took it.

“It was a great and safe way to travel and I learned a lot from the workshops and the other participants.”  

Jagoda traveled with Better Moments workshops to India, Burma, Indochina and last time to Nepal and Tibet, lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard in November 2018.

Below is a selection of her best work.


Derrick Hsiao from Taipei in Taiwan participated in our 2017 Silk Road Workshop. 

Since the age of 12 he has participated in various international photography workshops. Starting out with an interest in culturally-oriented subjects, a visit to Iceland ignited his love of landscape photography. He is also proficient in aerial photography.  

“What motivates me the most about photography is the many forms of storytelling it can create. As an avid aerial videographer, filming a landscape from above can often tell a completely different and intriguing story, ” says Derrick Hsiao. 

About the Milky Way shot (below), he says: “This shot was taken at Tashkurgan on the western border of China. Two fellow participants and I decided to take our chances at night photography. We were instantly awed by the vast, expansive scenery of the Milky Way with the underlying mountain in the foreground. It was hands down one of the best experiences from the trip.”


Pete M Hyde participated in the Abisko workshop in September 2016. 

Pete lives near Manchester in northwest England.  As a retired University Lecturer in Biological Sciences he has a long standing interest in the natural world. Combining this with a liking for walking and travel lead to him to an interest in landscape photography as a hobby. 

“The opportunity to travel with Better Moments to Abisko National Park to see the northern birch forests at the peak of autumn colour was one I relished. In such an environment I can easily become fascinated by restricted, smaller scale, views abstracted from the wider landscape and I found myself enjoying making images of the forest floor or making studies of the fascinating rock formations along the river gorge. The relaxed but professional organisation of the workshop and the guidance from Hans Strand, a photographer whose work I admire greatly, contributed considerably to the pleasure of taking part.”  

See more of Pete’s photos on Flickr


Rune Johansen participated in the Bhutan 2012 workshop. Below is a selection of his best work from Bhutan.


Kasper Johansson was awarded Photographer Of The Year 2015 Bronze and Photographer Of The Month, June 2015, with one of his photos taken on our Tanzania 2013 workshop. Below is a selection of his best work.


Tiffin Johnson participated in the Iceland 2016 workshop. Tiffin was awarded Photographer of the Month, September 2016. Below is a selection of the his best work. 

Tiff Johnson is a retired Chemical Engineer residing in Durango, Colorado (USA). Although interested in cameras from a very early age, 15 years of retirement has allowed him to shift emphasis from primarily  documentation of family and friends to more artistic pursuits. His current interest is landscapes made in the American Southwest with emphasis on light, form, texture, and subtle colors.  His photography has been exhibited  in art galleries and museums in the Durango area. 

 “Although the two trips to Iceland with Better Moments had nearly identical itineraries, the experiences were very different. The weather was different, the light was different, and we were able  to visit different  spots because of differing road conditions. Iceland is an exotic location for a photographer. The (usually) diffuse light produces fabulous muted colors in the landscapes. On both trips we had a small group of  participants from diverse backgrounds, but all serious photographers and fun to travel with.”


Kirsten Jørgensen from Denmark travelled with Better Moments in 2012 and participated in the Bhutan workshop led by Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson. 

Kirsten is a teacher by profession, but spends her spare time shooting photos. Kirsten says herself that she enjoys photographing people, places and things around her – especially the beautiful, odd, funny and the fantastic. 

Kirsten states: “A workshop like the one of Better Moment’s guided by Sissel and Cotton gives one the opportunity to develop techniques, the ability to look at a certain situations and place and “catch” what is about to happen – and create a photo that tells a story. The workshops – both in the fields and after the daytrips, the sharing of information and competences – were most inspiring and learning”.


Jan Jürgensen from Denmark, participated in the Bhutan 2012 workshop. Below is a selection of his best work.


Safaa Kagan participated in the Burma with the Best Workshop together with Steve McCurry and Christian Nørgaard.

Safaa Kagan is a travel photographer based between Miami and Los Angeles. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Safaa moved to the United States when she was 17 to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. Safaa studied art and earned a degree in Commercial Photography. She then apprenticed under many photography masters working in portraiture, stock and travel photography.



Catarina Kent from Sweden, participated in the Bhutan, Tanzania, Steve McCurry, Söderåsen, Il Palio, Indochina and Burma workshops. 

Catarina Kent was Photographer of the Month, March, 2016.

Below is a selection of her work in the Tanzania workshop.  


KevinCharityFair participated in the Lofoten workshop in March 2017, then he joined for the Nepal an Tibet worshop in 2018. Below is a personal selection of his shots from these two journeys to another world. The names of the photos alone are a testament to the powerful inspiration from of this visual exploration of a land on the edge of the world. 

You can see more of these remarkable photos on kevincharityfair.com


Nepal and Tibet


Rose-Marie Kramer participated in the Abisko 2015 workshop. Below is a selection of her best work.


From the steppes of Africa to the steppes of the Arctic, Dagfinn Kringstad from Sweden participated in the Tanzania 2013 and Svalbard 2015 workshops – and certainly made all of those Better Moments his very own. The personal selections of his work below are from both workshops and no matter which continent they are from, you get close to all wildlife in each photo. It is a gentle reminder that all of the planet is teeming with life, equally fascinating and impressive, whether on the savannah or the islands of Svalbard.




Albi Kuntzle from France participated in the Steve McCurry Ethiopia workshop.

Below is a selection of the his best work.

Albi Kuntzle was awarded Photographer of the Month, July 2016. 

Born and raised in Germany, lives in Paris, Albi has been a passionate amateur photographer for forty years. As he says so himself, “Photography is for me a real passion. Portraits of all kind of people are my favorite subject. And to show that no matter color or language, we are all the same!”  For Albi, the Ethiopia workshop with Steve McCurry was a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best image-makers and to be among other knowledgeable photographers. “Steve McCurry took us to places with the best light and was always present. He spent all evenings analyzing the images we’d taken during the day.”
Visit Albi at: www.pictures-by-albi.com



Joseph Lam participated in the Tibet and Nepal workshop with Better Moments in November,  lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard.

Below is a personal selection of his shots from the photographic journey to Nepal.


Han Lei participated in the Burma with the best workshop Burma with the Best workshop in March 2017, lead by Steve McCurry.

He is a PhD in computer Science from Australia and has studied photography as a hobby for 5 years. His preferred subjects are travel, people, culture and documentary. 

Below is a personal selection of his shots from the photographic journey to Burma.


Nicolaas Lens has participated in our Iceland workshop 2017. Here is a selection of his work.


Ingemar Ljungdahl from Sweden, travelled with Better Moments in 2015 and participated in the Abisko workshop. 

Ingemar has 35+ years experience from the software industry, and as part of partly resigning he took up photography as a main interest in 2011. Striving to continously develop new skills he has participated in various workshops. Landscape and nature photography are the main areas and from time to time long exposure work on seascapes. Working both in analog and digital mode – from light, Sony a7R, to heavy, 5×7 Linhof Technika. 

Ingemar has been on several photography trips, UK, Iceland and of course in the surrounding landscape in south of Sweden. 

According to Ingemar, travelling with Better Moments gives a broad experience from excellent guidance by Better Moments and new inspiration from the other participants in the group. In an open and positive style everyone are sharing their experiences with one another. Better Moments knows where and when to find the right conditions for great images during the workshop, and generously shared 3 more great locations that I visited on my 2.000 km return trip home


Carlo Marazza participated in the Iceland 2017 workshop. Below is a selection of his best work.


Aaron Marko participated in the Svalbard and Cuba workshop. Below is a selection of the his best Svalbard work. Aaron Marko was awarded Photographer of the Month, February 2016.

52 years old, born and raised in Slovenia, lives in Berlin, Germany since 2013.  

Professional: ex IBM and Microsoft executive, now personal development trainer and coach at Gustav Käser Training International.  

Photography-wise: passionate amateur since childhood; winner of several gold, silver and bronze awards at various international competitions; published in Slovenian edition of National Geographic; currently a student at New York Institute of Photography; loves landscape, travel, nature, wildlife and street photography. 

Visit Aaron at: www.aaronmarko.com 


Bernard Menettrier de Jollin participated in the Burma with the Best workshop in March 2017, lead by Steve McCurry. Below is a personal selection of his shots from that photographic journey. 

You can see more of Bernard’s work on Flickr


Lucy Mohr from UK participated in the workshop to Palio di Siena workshop.

After studying Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion, Lucy went with friends to live and work in Bali, Indonesia. It was here, whilst running a small boutique hotel and needing to take photos for the brochure, that she started to rediscover the interest she had had in photography when she was a young girl.

It was after her workshop to Palio di Siena with Better Moments and conflict photographer, Marco Di Lauro, that she turned professional.

She was awarded Photographer of the Month, May 2016.


Luis Moreno, from Spain, is a passionate photographer and a Better Moments guest.

Luis has travelled with us several times, in Ethiopia, Burma and last time in our Tibet and Nepal workshop, lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard in November 2018. 

Below is a personal selection of his work in the different photographic journeys.



Tibet and Nepal


Angelika Nachtrab-Hüttner from Stuttgart in Germany participated in our Iceland workshop 2017.  

She has taken photos since childhood, not least motivated by her father who also photographed frequently. She is mainly interested in photographing landscapes, architecture and animals. Her sense of landscape and structures clearly stands out in the selection of her work below.


Niklas Nikitin was awarded Photographer of the Year 2015 Silver and Photographer of the Month, April 2015. 

Niklas Nikitin from Sweden travelled with Better Moments two times in 2013 and participated in workshops in Abisko and in Iceland.  Niklas is originally from Grythyttan, but has long resided in Karlstad, where he works at Karlstad University as IT security coordinator. Photography is his main interest. He photographs preferably nature, animals as well as travel photography. He prefers though combination of these.

Niklas has been on several photography trips, including a trip to Antarctica, the Finnish-Russian border where he photographed bears and wolves, the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and lastly Petra in Jordan.  One of his favorite motives in his local environment in the red-throated diver (Gavia stellata) at Knuthöjdsmossen just outside Hällefors.  His photos have been featured in Swedish newspapers and photo magazines, and he hasalso participated in exhibitions, both his own and together with other photographers.  According to Niklas, Better Moments is “A travel company that helps a photographer find the best places for stunning pictures. They include extras like a helicopter tour, which other companies do not include in the price.”  

See more at www.nikitin.se


Knud West Hansen participated in the India Workshop 2014.


Jack Pasht from Canada, have participated twice at our Iceland workshops. Enjoy a selection of Jack´ work. 

 “My love of photography has spanned over forty years, from the traditional wet darkroom to the most current trends in digital photography . My photographic interests are constantly changing, but have focussed primarily on landscape, wildlife and urban space and structures.”   www.jackpasht.com


Mia Maria Petersen participated in the Bhutan 2012 workshop. 

Below is a selection of the best work.


Gustavo Rezende is a passionate photographer from Brazil who participated in the Burma with the Best 2017 workshop. There were many great moments for Gustavo on this workshop with renowned photographer, Steve McCurry, whose work he had admired for years. Obviously, though, the best moments on his trip were caught by one man: Gustavo himself. Below is a personal selection of his to show just those moments.


Sigge Skarsfjäll, from Sweden, is an advanced enthusiast who went with Better Moments to Söderåsen in 2012. His photography interests are landscape, architectural, products and portrait. Currently he only photograph digitally (Nikon D800 and Fuji X-T1). Previously he used analog from Olympus, Nikon and Hasselblad.  In the recent years Sigge has developed his skills and experience greatly to be able to take assignments in different areas. He has attended workshops in model, studio, landscape and most recently wedding photography.  Find more of his work and contact Sigge Skärsfjäll at www.skarsfjall.se


Ghita Thomé from Finland, participated in the Svalbard workshop 2014. She was awarded Photographer of the Month in September 2017.


Kees Van Straten was awarded Photographer of the Month, July 2015. 

Kees Van Straten participated in the Iceland 2011 workshop, Söderåsen 2011 & 2012 workshops, Svalbard 2012 workshop and the Abisko 2013 workshop.  Kees from the Netherlands has travelled several times with Better Moments and has photographed in locations such as: Iceland, Söderåsen, Svalbard and Abisko National Park. 

Kees states himself about his inspiration for photography: “We all know the cliché: “Photography is writing with light“. But before starting to write, one should look first, and above all, look differently. At shape, at colour and structure. Nature and landscapes provide me with the much-needed challenges in photography. After a lifetime in business, I am so happy to have this passion.”  

“Thanks to Better Moments I went far north to Scandinavia, and even beyond the Arctic Circle, to Iceland, Svalbard and Lapland and found ice, mountains, canyons and beautiful streams and came back to the Lowlands with fascinating images. Apart from that I made new friends.”


Erik Svaneborg participated in the Tibet and Nepal workshop with Better Moments in November 2018,  lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard.

Below is a personal selection of his shots from the photographic journey with us.


Marita Wallin participated in the India 2014 workshop. Below is a selection of her best work. 

Marita Wallin from Sweden, a visual artists and educator, joined us to India in 2014.
About it she says: “It exceeded all my expectations and will be a memory for life. All events were well planned and carefully selected. Mainly, I think of all the places we visited that I would not have been able to visit on my own. It saved a lot of time we instead could use to work hard on photographing. We learned a lot from each other. The evening’s briefings of “today’s photos” were very rewarding. Several of the participants were very advanced, but no question was too small to ask. That felt great. After India workshop, I have increasingly begun to use photography as an independent form of expression. It has given me an enormous amount of satisfaction and happiness.”


Liv Melbye Wechsler participated in the Bhutan 2012 workshop. Below is a selection of her best work.


Jürgen Wettke participated in the Iceland 2014 workshop. Below is a selection of his best work. 

He was awarded Photographer of the Month, January 2016.  

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wettke is born in 1953, Hagen, Westphalia. His is a Ph,D. with a background in pharmaceutical studies and led for many years the international Health Care Practice of McKinsey. Today he’s a Management Consultant and Professor at the Medical University in Düsseldorf. Jürgen has a passion for playing with light and angles and doing aerial landscape photography. His focus is to “trace nature’s diversity of form and colors and seeks to stir the viewer’s’ emotions through his photography and create a greater awareness of ecosystems’ fragility.” 

In 2014 he went on his second tour to Iceland with Better Moments.


David Wilkins participated in the Tibet and Nepal workshop with Better Moments in November 2018,  lead by Sisse Brimberg and Christian Nørgaard.

Below is a personal selection of his shots from the photographic journey with us.