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As a token of our appreciation, once you sign up you will get a free 38-page guide to great photography with your smart phone. As much as we wish we could have our pro equipment handy at all times, that is just not practical. So CEO and Better Moments founder, Christian Nørgaard, shares with you in this guide how you can make the most of your phone when you wish to capture a great moment.

“I am using my smartphone every day for all kinds of photography and it has become a part of my camera family. With the newest generations, it has become a question about time when the smartphone is just as good and functional as a normal camera – there is still a way to go, but it is just around the corner.
I will guide all of you who has a passion for photography the opportunity to learn how take your smartphone photography to the next level. I will share my best tips and tricks so you can shoot memorable pictures wherever you go.”

– Christian Nørgaard
CEO Better Moments

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