Sisse Brimberg is one of National Geographic’s star photographers, illustrating numerous articles for National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Traveler through four decades. Since the end of the 1990’ies, she has also worked for National Geographic Expeditions. Here, she gives a visual tour of Bhutan through a selection of photos taken on Better Moments’ Bhutan Workshop 2017.


“Through my visits to Bhutan, I have found that my all time favourite place to take pictures is the Paro Valley in the Western part of the country. It offers such a variety of subjects to photograph. The city of Paro is located near the entrance to the valley, a jewel so colorful and beaming with life. And on top of that comes the Bhutanese people’s famous Gross National Happiness factor, making it so easy to photograph the hustle and bustle of the city, where people are in constant movement in front of the camera. The street life is like a symphony of colors and life.”
“Go farther out into the west part of the valley. There, you have the opportunity to take pictures of the world famous monastery Tiger’s Nest that seems to hang on a cliff wall overlooking the valley. Up at the top, you can find pilgrims putting on their best cloth to honor the site. The prayer flags in their vibrant colors hang from long lines, waving in the breeze.” 

“I can always find new angles to photograph the monastery. The Land of the Thunder Dragon is a visual delight that constantly offers new visual experiences. Bhutan the one and only place, that every time I have returned has given so much visually delight.”


– Sisse Brimberg, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Photographer