Photo of the Workshop

Svalbard 2019

This is the chosen one – the “Photo of the Workshop” from our expedition to Svalbard in September 2019.

Passionate Photographer Eric Frere took this image during our trip to Svalbard, Norway:

“This photograph was taken in a zodiac while skirting around some beautiful icebergs and glaciers. The colours of the icebergs are incredibly brilliant and rich that one would think that they were enhanced in post production (there were not). During the shoot, local experts, not only kept us safe, they are scientists and experts in everything arctic that were enthusiastically explaining the live of glaciers and icebergs. A trip that I will never forget!”

Better Moments - Svalbard Workshop 2019 - Iceberg by Eric Frere
Photo of the Workshop | Photo: Eric Frere
Eric Frere
Passionate Photographer Eric Frere

If capturing ice bergs and polar bears is still on your bucket list, you should join National Geographic photographer Sisse Brimberg and Better Moments founder Christian Nørgaard on our next journey to Svalbard. We already have the 2020 dates in place: 20-30 August 2020.

Head to the workshop page to learn more about our adventure to the far north.

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