We deliver exclusive live webinars in landscape, wildlife, travel and portrait photography that will take you to some of the most beautiful places around the world. Our Better Moments experts share their technical knowledge and approach to photography as well as exciting stories from their travels.

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Travel and Portrait Photography
with Christian Nørgaard

Let Better Moments founder Christian Nørgaard take you to Africa and Asia’s most fascinating places and learn about the secrets of travel photography. Christian will share his personal tips and tricks to help you improve your photography.

How to travel with Flash Equipment with Arne Hodalič

National Geographic Photo Editor-in-Chief Arne Hodalič is an expert in traveling the world with bulky equipment such as softbox or flash kits in order to take stunning portraits even in remote places. In his webinar, he will share valuable advice on how to do so.

My photographic journey through Mongolia with Hamid Sardar

For years, award-winning film maker and Harvard scholar Hamid Sardar has traveled Mongolia extensively, meeting and living with nomads to learn about their intriguing way of life. In his webinar, he will share photos and stories from his encounters with the famous eagle hunters, wise shamans, horse whisperers, traditional wrestlers and many more.

My life with National Geographic with Sisse Brimberg

“Some people tell stories with pen and paper, I tell stories with my eyes and my camera” – working for National Geographic is a dream for many photographers, Better Moments expert Sisse Brimberg has been living this dream for years. Join Sisse’s webinar to listen to the tales and stories behind her images of arctic wildlife, remote cultures and unique characters. Find out how to transfer the thought of an image into a photo, using your camera as a tool. Sisse will tell you how you can apply this procedure of taking photographs to your own creative process.